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We develop software and manufacture the infection prevention UV-C ecosystem of luminaires, robots, and environmental monitors in collaboration with our partners.

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222nm Far UV-C IoT Microsoft Azure-Based Infection Prevention Ecosystem

Luminaires | Robots | Installation | Monitoring | Management | Maintenance


  • Buy Devices - you can purchase the devices for a one-time fee.

  • Lease Devices - you can lease the devices and pay a monthly fee with negotiated terms.

  • Lease Time - you can experience disinfection as a service based on time used. 

  • Get Custom Made OEM Devices - with your exact specifications or our proprietary designs and with or without our CCMS in it.


  • You Install your devices using your licensed electrician 

  • We Install your devices using our licensed electrician 


  • You Manage your devices with our free app

  • You Manage your devices with Zeus

  • We Manage your devices for you with Zeus


  • You Maintain your devices

  • We Maintain your devices for you

complete disinfecting system
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