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About Us

Bringing Technology to Light™ 

Elevating Human Health, Happiness & Safety Indoors

We are an original equipment manufacturer and fast-paced technology company providing software and hardware solutions to standardize the emerging UV-C infection prevention market.


We have developed an ecosystem of far-UVC 222nm luminaires and robots that are enabled IoT devices with integrated BLE mesh for communication.

Our founders are Bill, an experienced LED lighting manufacturer since 2004 and custom architectural designer, Brandon, a cloud AR/VR enthusiast, and Chase, son of Bill and student at University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. 

Brandon Donnelly joined CyClean222 in the Spring of 2021, shortly after Bill and Chase consulted with his tech solutions company, Stracos, Inc.


The founders met in October 2021 in Los Angeles, CA, where Chase goes to school and Brandon lives. Bill, Brandon, and Chase are dedicated to the daily development of the company.


They, along with a top global manufacturer, advisory team, and university tech team, saw a need to control harmful pathogens in occupied spaces even before the Covid-19 virus shut down the world.   


They started working on ZEUS, our proprietary Microsoft Azure-based software, and our 222nm Far-UVC disinfecting luminaires and robots in 2020. 


We are proud to say our infection prevention high-tech ecosystem is the first of its kind.   


While there are other companies making 222nm Far-UVC devices, we are the only company who has ZEUS, the Microsoft Azure-based IoT software, that can control all devices, from any manufacturer, from anywhere in the world.   

We pride ourselves on forecasting and growing with the UV-C infection prevention marketplace as our software and devices are designed to continuously update.


Our Far-UVC 222nm infection prevention private label system is perfect for senior living facilities, hospitals, schools, government buildings, health clubs, doctor offices, dentist offices, libraries, co-working spaces, apartment building common areas, corporate conference rooms, cruise ships, and more.    

If you are a distributor interested in selling our system with your name and brand on it, then contact us today to get a quote.

Mom and a Child

Meet The Leadership Team

About Bil and Brandon

Meet The Advisory Team


Mike Sawant

  • LinkedIn


The Visual Pak Companies

 Visual Pak is a turnkey solution in the contract packaging industry.

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Scott Frost

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Howard & Howard Law

Corporate counsel to businesses and financial institutions.


Chris Sweetland

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Regional President

 Huntington National Bank

Financial advisory services and business insights to CEOs and CFOs.

advisory team

Our Partners


Custom Contract Manufacturing

CyClean 222 is in partnership with a Fortune 500 custom contract manufacturer, The Visual Pak Companies.  We now have global manufacturing capabilities on multiple continents.  


Whether it’s 10 prototypes or a million product press run, the Visual Pak Companies are the answer. 



Our technology and software have been created in a partnership with Microsoft, WIHN and Munster Technological University (MTU) of Ireland.  It is military-grade safe which makes this one of our most important features. With CyClean222's Zeus, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

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Military Grade v2.png

Technology Services Distributor

We simplify the sales process and streamline your success.

From sourcing and advising on the right solutions to training and marketing, tracking commissions and troubleshooting, we handle provider relationships and back-office support to ensure your success.

Visual Pak

Distributor Opportunities


Doctors & Dentists






Health Clubs






Government Buildings




Co-Working Spaces


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Q: Is CyClean222 safe to use with people in the room?

A: Yes!  According to a study done at NIH “far-UVC light has a range in biological materials of less than a few micrometers, and thus it cannot reach living human cells in the skin or eyes.”

Q: Can this save my company money?

A: Yes! You will save on cleaning supplies, custodians, and sick leave payout.

Q: Can this save my company time?

A: Yes! Your employees will show up to work because they’re healthy and happy.

Q: Is CyClean222 easy to install?

A:  Yes!  Any certified electrician can install quickly with any of our multiple methods.

Q: How is your UV light disinfection different from the ones developed years ago?

A: Current options for UV light disinfection cause physical harm to the human body because they use 254nm.  Our technology uses 222nm.

Q: Is this ok for schools?

A: Yes!  It’s perfect for schools and could help improve test scores by decreasing sick days.

Q: How many units can one employee maintain?

A: All of them! Our mobile app sends automated notifications and alerts, making it simple to upkeep unlimited devices individually and universally.

Q: Can I use this in my gym?

A: Yes! Your patrons will feel great knowing their workout equipment is continuously being sanitized.

Q: Is it safe for children?

A: Yes, it's safe for all humans and pets!

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