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Q:  Is UV light safe to use with people in the room?

A:  Yes!  Our devices use a patented technology that is safe for humans.  According to one study done at NIH, “far-UVC light has a range in biological materials of less than a few micrometers, and thus it cannot reach living human cells in the skin or eyes, being absorbed in the skin stratum corneum or the ocular tear layer.”

Q:  Are CyClean devices regulated?

A:  Yes!  The EPA regulates our devices because they classify them as a 'pesticide', however, the FDA does not currently regulate them because Far-UVC technology if it is not used in a medical or surgical setting.  Our filtered Far-UVC light is considered safe for eyes and skin as set by the guidelines of the ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists).  

Q:  Can this save my company money?

A:  Either with our included mobile app or our CyClean Central Management System (CCMS).   If you want to maintain them with our mobile app or CCMS, then you will receive automated notifications regarding their maintenance and data.  If you want us to maintain them for you with our CCMS, then you do nothing.

Q:  How do I maintain and manage my devices?

A:  Yes! You will save on cleaning supplies, custodians, and sick leave payout.

Q:  Can this save my company time?

A:  Yes! Your employees will show up to work because they’re healthy, happy, and comfortable knowing their space is continuously being disinfected.

Q:  Is your UVC light disinfection different than the legacy hospital one?

A:  Yes!  Current options for UV light disinfection cause physical harm to the human body because they use 254nm light.  Our technology uses 222nm light which is safe for eyes and skin.

Q:  Isn't spray cleaner just as good?

A:  No!  Spray cleaner is just for surfaces.  Our devices work from the ceiling down and disinfect both, air and surfaces, 24/7.

Q:  Are your devices safe for schools, gyms, and homes where kids may be?

A:  Yes!  Our appliances are safe for all ages.

Q:  Are the disinfecting devices easy to use and install?

A:  Yes!  Our devices are designed to be installed by any licensed electrician in just about any mounting situation and can easily be managed with our free app or CCMS.

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